Interview with David Church

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Tell us what you do.
I create wearable art in the form of Jewelry. I also create sculptures.

 At what age did you pick up a paintbrush? And at what age did you declare ‘I’m an artist?’
I began my love of jewelry and small objects early on while taking apart watches. We are all artists the minute one can hold a pencil and start scribbling. I suppose I became officially an artist upon completion of my Masters degree in Jewelry Design and Sculpture. I began producing work for sale and receiving commissions while working in a studio/gallery in Boston in the late 70s.

Tell us about the process of making your pieces.   
The initial inception of a piece begins in my head inspired by a visual shape primarily from nature then to sketching of possible designs and refining of several ideas into one design. Decisions about types of metals and or other material, use of precious or semi-precious stones and techniques to create and complete the design are all considered before the actual work begins.

opal&stone pin

What is your greatest inspiration?
Nature and beauty.

How do you feed your creative process? How do you keep things fresh?
For many years it was teaching combined with making of my art. Renovating our house, knocking down walls, changing the interior space is similar to creating a sculpture that I just happen to live in. Working outside staying close to nature inspires the drive to make. I am constantly watching the world that goes by as the seasons change and the composition of that world changes from people to animals to the environment.

What’s your favourite thing about Westport?
The proximity to water and the people that live here.


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